Interlinked Smoke and Heat Detectors

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When it comes to protecting your home or business from the dangers of smoke and fire, reliable smoke detectors are essential. At Bunker Alarms & Surveillance, we offer high-quality smoke detectors installation in Glasgow and central Scotland that provide early detection, ensuring the safety of occupants and enabling prompt action in the event of a fire emergency.

Why Choose Our Smoke Detectors:

  • Interlinked smoke detectors: All our detectors are interlinked and when one device activates, they will all activate
  • Advanced Sensing Technology: Our smoke detectors utilize advanced sensing technology to quickly and accurately detect the presence of smoke, even in its early stages. This allows for timely response and evacuation.
  • Rapid Alarm Notification: Our detectors are equipped with loud, audible alarms that immediately alert occupants of potential fire hazards, providing valuable time for evacuation and preventing further escalation.
  • Dependable Performance: We prioritise the reliability and performance of our smoke detectors, ensuring they consistently function at optimal levels to provide continuous protection.
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance: Our smoke detectors are designed for easy installation, and we offer regular maintenance services to ensure they remain in proper working condition.
  • Long Battery Life: Our detectors feature long-lasting 10 year fixed batteries removing the need for battery replacements, and ensuring uninterrupted operation.

Key Features of Our Smoke Detectors:

  • Photoelectric or Ionization Sensing: We offer a range of smoke detectors with either photoelectric or ionization sensing technology.
  • Wireless Technology: Most homes will have wireless smoke detectors installed, so there is no mess or fuss, just quick and simple installation.
  • Interconnectivity: Our smoke detectors can be interconnected, so when one detector is triggered, all interconnected detectors sound an alarm, ensuring comprehensive coverage throughout your property.
  • Test and Silence Functions: Our detectors include convenient test and silence buttons, allowing you to easily verify their functionality and temporarily silence false alarms.
  • Tamper-Resistant Design: Our smoke detectors are designed with tamper-resistant features, providing added security and preventing unauthorized interference.
  • Compliance with Safety Standards: Our smoke detectors meet all relevant safety standards and are compliant with the new law in Scotland, giving you confidence in their reliability and effectiveness. Professional Installation and Service: Our team of trained technicians can install smoke detectors in Glasgow and surround areas, and configure your smoke detectors to ensure they are properly positioned for optimal coverage. We also offer regular maintenance and testing services to keep your smoke detectors functioning at their best.

Don't compromise on the safety of your home or business. Contact Bunker Alarms & Surveillance today to discuss your smoke detector needs and let us provide you with reliable, early detection solutions for smoke and fire emergencies.

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