What is alarm monitoring?

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Simply put, alarm monitoring refers to communication between your alarm system and a third party device such as a smart phone app or alarm receiving centre (ARC) in the event of an activation or emergency.

All Bunker alarm systems can be provided with a form of monitoring, with options available depending on your own specific requirements.

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Most residential alarm systems will be 'self monitored'. This means the home owner and any persons authorised by the homeowner will have access to a mobile app which receives communications directly from the alarm system. In most cases the alarm can be controlled remotely via this mobile app, allowing complete control of the system without attending the property.

Alternatively your alarm system can communicate to the ARC, where appropriate pre arranged action will be taken. In most cases this will involve ARC agents contacting a pre approved list of contacts such as friends, family members, employees or other specific keyholders. This type of monitoring is more commonly used for commercial properties although can be provided for residential customers if requested.

Monitoring can provide more than information relating solely to alarm activations and emergencies. Signals can be transmitted for fault logs, property entry / exits, users and much more if required.

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