How many detectors do I need?

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Every home and family lifestyle is different. Bunker will provide advice based on various factors and your budget, however with modern alarm systems you can have as many or as few detection devices as you feel necessary.

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For guidance, the following points should be considered;

  • Which door do you regularly use when entering and leaving your home? Where possible, this door should be fitted with a suitable magnetic contact to ensure the system knows when the door is open or closed. This ultimately allows the system to provide you with a set time period, usually around 20/30 seconds, to enter your home and unset the alarm.

  • You should consider areas which are most vulnerable to entry. This may be back room window for example, where the window is sheltered from view from the street. A space protection PIR (passive infrared sensor) could be considered for this room.

  • Rooms with high value items such as computers, TV's, jewellery or camera equipment may be considered for protection, especially when these rooms are on lower or ground floors of the property.

  • Garages and external buildings, such as garden offices and stores, can now benefit from detection. With wireless alarm systems, detection can be placed in areas which would otherwise be very difficult for wired systems.

  • Consider a catch all scenario with detection in circulation or common spaces, such as hallways and landings. By adding detection to these areas, an intruder moving through the property via these common areas would trigger the alarm system.

  • Perimeter protection for gardens and driveways can be added using specially designed external 'tri-tec' sensors. These devices allow external spaces to be protected whilst built in analytics and technology minimises false alarms.

When setting up your alarm system, Bunker will consult with you to create a number of different setting scenarios. This means that some areas of the property can be 'armed' even when you are still at home, allowing maximum protection during the day and night.

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